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FREE Shaklee Product worth up to $100 Retail if you join with the $39.95 membership OR the Gold Ambassador Membership!

Buy the $39.95 Shaklee membership and check out with just that in your cart.  Shaklee will email you a Member ID.  Simply click on the activation link in the email Shaklee sends you to activate your membership.  Then, just log in to www.myshaklee.com with your new member ID, and then start shopping.  You need a 100 point (PV) order to get your free item. Your PV total will show in your shopping cart. Simply put 100 PV worth of stuff in your cart and a box should pop up on your final check out screen that says, "you have qualified for a free product with this order".  You then put the product # of the thing you want for free in that box.  Choose any product worth up to $100.00 retail.    I usually recommend Vivix (retail $100 or Vitalizer daily vitamin strips (retail $93.25) for your free item! 

Your Shaklee Membership will entitle you to:

15% discount on your current and any future orders

"Learn and Earn" program entitlement:  Listen to 10 CD's or do 10 units of Shaklee University in your Member Center to earn $100 free products!

Discounts on shipping

Special Member Only offers

Gold Ambassador Membership for $299!

Shaklee offers another Membership level, called the Gold Ambassador Membership.  The cost is $299, but you get over $500 worth of VALUE.  First, you get a Gold "Mission Pack".  A Mission Pack is a specially selected group of products that is worth about $345 retail.  To see what is in the Gold Mission packs click the "Join Now" button and you will see the list of items.  Second, you also get your choice of a free product, worth up to $100 retail, with your next order of 100 pv.  You also get the 15% off discount on all future purchases.  The Gold Ambassador Membership is the best choice if you would like to get bonus checks back from Shaklee.   In addition to all this, Shaklee plants 5 trees to make up for the emissions involved in shipping your pack.  Start your own Shaklee Business and take control of your financial future. Join Shaklee as a Gold Ambassador Distributor with a Gold Ambassador Mission PAK and, in addition to the $500+ value of the PAK, you will receive double the number of months for your free Personal Web Site (6 months free instead of 3 mos. ). Because the PV value of the Gold Membership pack is 250 pv, you will be on your way to receiving a bonus check from Shaklee a few weeks later!  Jump start your own personal Shaklee business and join Shaklee with the Super Gold Mission PAK and get even more!!  With the Super Gold Mission Pack, you will be "Shaklee-izing" your home, the 1st step to building a successive Shaklee business!  By Shaklee-izing your home, you will be using and trying all the products and finding out how great they all are.  You will fall in love with Shaklee, as I and 100,000+ other Shaklee distributors have!  All the products are SAFE, EFFECTIVE and GREEN for a healthier home and healthier YOU!  Contact me for more details. 

For my Canadian friends, you can become a member of Shaklee too, as Shaklee is going global and operates in Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, China and Taiwan so far!  Just email me and I will explain how to become a member and get a special free product with your membership.