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Welcome to Shaklee! Our family has been using Shaklee products since 1990, when I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. I started using the Nutritional supplements for a healthy pregnancy and then fell in love with Shaklee's Cleaners, Bestwater and Skin Care too! I also use the toothpaste, shampoos, and anything else Bob will let me buy! I am really into health, and besides studying Nutrition at UNC-Chapel Hill, I also took a 2 year Nutrition Counseling course to get my certification as a Nutrition Counselor. In all my studies and reading, I could never find a company that compared to Shaklee's thorough and painstaking testing and retesting of their nutritional supplements. Shaklee's scientists do many many clinical tests on each product; and the supplements are Clinically tested on real people, to ensure the nutrients are delivered into your bloodstream and are absorbable by your cells. That's where the nutrients need to go, so I wanted to buy supplements that were clinically PROVEN to be absorbed and utilized by the cells of our body, for myself, my family and our pets!  Why take supplements that don't end up nourishing your cells? That's why I chose Shaklee.  You can see the peer reviewed, clinical studies at the back of every Shaklee product selection guide.
I've found the new Get Clean laundry products and cleaners are very economical as well as safe for even my 5 year old to use cleaning windows, dusting and cleaning bathrooms. No more having to put a close pin on your nose when using products such as "scrubbing bubbles" in the bathroom or Clorox to disinfect! That stuff is TOXIC!! My mom never knew how unhealthy those cleaners were and my dad still suffers many allergies to this day. Years ago when I was a kid, we just bought what the commercials told us to buy that worked. Shaklee has been around 50 years, but I had never heard much about "biodegradable" cleaners, or cleaners that are friendly to the earth.  Basic H, one of the first biodegradable, safe for the environment cleaners, was invented by Dr. Shaklee in 1956, long before "green" became a household word.  Now every company on the planet is trying to cash in to the "green" movement.  Dr. Shaklee's goals were not monetarily based:  He honestly cared about the earth and whether we were polluting it for the animals and humans who live here!  Dr. Shaklee suffered from poor health himself, and researched and experimented on his own body, feeding himself tinctures made from organic greens and vegetables he grew himself.  He was able to live to his 90's and this was after his parents were told he would not live through infancy.  One of the first fruits of his research and labors was Vitalized Minerals, created in 1915, one of the first multi-vitamin, multi-mineral supplements ever invented and the pre-cursor to Shaklee's Vita Lea multivitamin.  
Through Shaklee supplementation and through switching to Shaklee's environmentally friendly cleaners, laundry and personal care products, our family has found relief from severe allergies, stomach problems, periodontal disease, painful menstrual cycles, PMS, pre-menopause symptoms, losing weight. . . and more! 
Be sure to contact me through this site with any of your questions! I would love to help you tackle any health problems you're encountering . . with a healthy, safe "prescription for healing" from Shaklee!  . . Or to help you reach a healthy weight for your height with our awesome Shaklee 180 weight loss and weight maintenance plan!  Go to the Shaklee 180 section of this website, and be sure to contact me for more info!

Your Shaklee friends,

Pam, Bob and Girls :)

For my Canadian friends:  Shaklee is available in Canada as well! Email me or call me and I'll explain how you can get a free membership with your 1st order!